Performing Magic with Impact (about €24; prices may vary. Order at your regional Amazon shop).
Teller (of Pen & Teller) said: “The conjuring methods in the book are well-honed and described with exceptional clarity. The rope routine in particular is a practical, polished gem of routining and handling.”
Jason Goldberg finishes his review ( March 2019): “It is an outstanding addition to the body of literature that focuses on improving performance to make sleights more effective and help turn them into something even more extraordinary for audiences”
Phil Sweeting of says (July 2019) “Performing Magic with Impact is written to help you unleash your creativity and think carefully about the presentation of your magic. And for my money it achieves that target pretty well.”

With over 5000 LectureShows© and theatershows in more than 30 countries, George Parker is a world-leading corporate magician. He has carefully guarded the secrets of his success…until now.
In this book for magicians, George Parker shared the thoughtful approach and performing material he uses. It includes 9 fully developed routines, 10 engaging essays that offer practical tools to improve the quality and dynamics of your shows and an extraordinary final chapter that teaches you, in detail, how to make your magic play bigger.

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