Timemanagement without lists?

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2019-05-21 When I close my eyes I automatically see strange creatures, environments, objects or abstract forms. I see whole stories play out in that 7-dimensional universe where time and space are irrelevant. Plus, I can control a lot of it myself by making things up. But if I want to materialize these ideas, I run into the clock and the limitations of the 3-dimensional world. How do I organize my time so that I stay true to my visions?

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Passionately curious

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2019-05-01 Curiosity is an important key to liberating ourselves. Einstein already indicated that you don't have to be a genius for that: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” That’s good advice, but what if the unknown does not make you curious at all, but rather triggers a fear response? And how do you deal with that fear in other people? Read the answers in the blog.

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Modern Times

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2019-04-23 “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black”, The famous statement by Henry Ford marked a period of mass production and standardization. At a time when diversity is the key word, we want everything tailor-made and preferably on demand. Standardization is out. Or is it?

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The Permanent Twilight Zone

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2019-03-28 Last year we reorganized our kitchen. We put the pans in where the herbs were stored before and the other way around. It took months before I opened the right door when I needed herbs. I felt like a marionet being played by old habits and powerless to install new behavior. How do we deal with getting used to new behavior when changes are constant?

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