Create the results you want! This card deck includes:
– A Crash Course Creation to help you understand how you have been creating all of your life and apply how you do it to your future life
– The IDEAL approach that will help you to recognize and improve you innate creative skills. And use them to turn vague ideas into charged visions, take real time action (the Survival Version) and learn your way towards the realization of your goals.
– Different ways of using the cards for personal or team purposes
– 78 cards that will stimulate your creative mind and realize your visions in life, relationship and business.

You can draw a card to set up your focus for the day. You can use it as an oracle to get deeper understanding of your situation or vision. The booklet includes instructions for different lay-outs using 2, 3, 4 or 5 cards. Play with your friends to help each other develop visions and take action.


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