Reality follows Focus.

George Parker’s Keynotes/Shows

In exciting tailor-made Keynotes/Shows you experience first hand how reality follows our focus. Learn how you to influence focus, and thus reality and results.

George Parker integrates your specific content, surprising psychological insights and practical tips from his rich business background with comedy, illusion/mentalism and play. He brings content to life in a unique way in order to give everyone access to useful, but sometimes complex ideas that are important for your company.

He has inspired half a million people in more than 5,000 successful performances in the Netherlands and more than 20 countries and counting.

1. Pick a theme, 2. Set an option without strings attached, 3. Brainstorm about a customized keynote/show, 4. Enjoy the impact. He’s much in demand to apply his insights in areas such as:

  • Innovation: - Work as a creative process, - Out-of-the-box thinking & Problemsolving
  • Result-oriented, energized teamwork
  • (Sublminal) Influence: - Present/communicate with impact, - WinWin & Creative Negotiation, - Living with Lies (cybercrime)
  • The IDEAL Cycle: turn abstract ideas into inspired results
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TheCreationGame®Use the creative power of focus!

Are you looking for sustainable and stable solutions? The real answer is to constantly reinvent yourself, your products/services and processes. TheCreationGame® offers you a complete approach to master that creative process.

TheCreationGame®’s IDEAL Cycle helps to get a grip on every kind of result-oriented process. Whether it’s about product or process improvement, about team- or organizational development or personal growth; and whether your ambitions are through the roof or you’re aiming for modest goals; you’re always dealing with the five core aspects of any creative process: Intention, Design, Essence, Action and Learning.

IDEAL offers a complete toolkit to move from abstract intentions, via creative visions and designs and immediate action (the SurvivalVersion) to concrete results.

Hire George Parker to guide you in his unique, entertaining and expert way. Or invest in excellent and fun in-company workshops such as:

  • The IDEAL way to inspire and coach - for (team)leaders, consultants, sales, coaches
  • Advanced techniques to focus minds and influence behavior
  • Creativity, problem solving and innovation
  • The Alchemy of Presentation - present and communicate with impact
  • The Big Day of Creativity: get energized, focus and get in sync with results
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