To create means ‘to bring something into existence’. We can bring things into existence. But we also create sports, music, film, breakfast, events, actions or ways of thinking. In other words, we cannot not create. I came to that realization when my father made a cigarette disappear when I was five. I had no idea this was a magic trick, but it changed the way I looked at the world forever. Things can appear, disappear and change.

At the time, I couldn’t express it as I do now. But I became very aware of it after what I refer to as a positive-traumatic experience. I started to use my life as a playground, and later a laboratory, to investigate the creative process. I observed how I approached my art, life, relationships and work / business as creative processes, where ideas came from, how I dealt with adversity or handled what fate threw on my plate and learned my way towards completion of my visions.

By definition, we cannot not create. Usually we create in an unconscious, automatic, standardized and reactive way. We don’t realize that we are producing reality. We just repeat what we or others have already done or thought. Or allow circumstances to define what we think and do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! It saves a lot of energy and as biological beings we are geared towards efficiency, because you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it.

But when our habits stop working, it’s good to become aware of how we are a big part of the reality we produce. We need to go back to our own origin, reconnect with what drives us and reshape ourselves by escaping out-of-the-box of our past habits.  The next blog gives you some insight about what that means.

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