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Doorbreek het jojo-effect van organisatieontwikkeling!

2022-01-27T20:55:22+00:00januari 30th, 2020|Useful science and art|

Soms wil ik teveel tegelijk en sneuvelen een paar plannen waarvan ik dacht dat ze er nog wel bij konden. Maar soms zeg ik ja en merk dat het in de praktijk moeilijker is dan ik me had voorgesteld en verwatert het. Dat is in organisaties niet anders: heilige voornemens bij de start, maar bij de eerste hobbel valt alles terug in het oude. Het HPO raamwerk (Dr.André de Waal), biedt handvatten om daar voorbij te komen.

Hack your personal algorithms

2022-01-26T22:50:18+00:00juni 2nd, 2019|Useful science and art|

2019-06-02 Even when we are completely stuck, we often have difficulty letting go of certain thought and behavior patterns and exchanging them for more effective patterns. We have identified with those habits so much that letting go feels like betrayal. But habits are no more than a form of algorithms that produce certain outcomes. If they no longer work, you must hack and change them.

Passionately curious

2019-05-01T08:34:28+00:00mei 1st, 2019|Uncategorized, Useful science and art|

2019-05-01 Curiosity is an important key to liberating ourselves. Einstein already indicated that you don't have to be a genius for that: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” That’s good advice, but what if the unknown does not make you curious at all, but rather triggers a fear response? And how do you deal with that fear in other people? Read the answers in the blog.

The Permanent Twilight Zone

2019-03-28T05:52:03+00:00maart 28th, 2019|Uncategorized, Useful science and art|

2019-03-28 Last year we reorganized our kitchen. We put the pans in where the herbs were stored before and the other way around. It took months before I opened the right door when I needed herbs. I felt like a marionet being played by old habits and powerless to install new behavior. How do we deal with getting used to new behavior when changes are constant?

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